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Red Willow Talent is a Georgia Talent Agency.  We do not sell any required classes, take commissions from headshots, etc.  We make money when YOU make money.  We will be working for you for no pay until you start to make money.  However, as with any activity, there are costs involved and certain expectations that must be met in order to be a part of our agency:


1) Our agency is computer-intensive. We require you to have daily access to the internet and the ability to send and receive emails, video, photos, etc. AS WELL AS TEXT MESSAGES. If you cannot respond within one hour to messages/texts/emails, you are going to miss out on many opportunities.

2) We offer only exclusive representation within a 500 mile radius of Savannah, so please do not contact us if you already have representation within the 500 miles radius of Savannah.  

3) We require everyone over the age of 5 to have professional headshots, professionally printed. You do NOT have to have professional headshots to seek representation, but you will need to GET them within 3 months of signing a contract. We highly recommend NOT taking professional headshots UNTIL you are signed by an agency-- we all have our preferences and requirements and you do not need to waste your money.

4) We would like for you to have an 800 Casting account but non required (~$50/year out of your pocket) and RWT has an agency code, Casting Networks account, and an Actors Access account (free to you).  If you have these already, please let us know.

5) You MUST have a working phone number where you can be reached, day or night. You must also have a Facebook account.

The number one thing that you can do to increase your chances of representation with ANY agency is to get training. Please see the list of links for suggested classes and workshops on our RESOURCES page for ideas.

Please do not call regarding new clients-- see SUBMISSION page. 

Casting Directors:

We do not charge 

for representation.

We get paid a percentage 

from actual bookings.

                                                    Thank you for your interest in RED WILLOW TALENT Agency!

                                                                            SUBMISSION FOR TALENT is OPEN





                                                                            (SOME EXCEPTIONS DO APPLY)

To be considered for representation, please EMAIL your headshot (8x10) AND two SMALL CURRENT snapshots)  and your acting resume to CONTACT@REDWILLOWTALENT.COM. NO private messages or phone calls!


  • Please make sure that you submit your photos with your full name, age, height, weight and approximate location (like Savannah area, Atlanta or Charlotte or Nashville). 

  • If you are a minor, you should have your parent contact me. 

  • EVERY time that you email RWT, please include ALL of this information.

  • Images that are too large will not be opened.

  • If you have a referral from an industry professional, please mention that in your email!  


No phone calls please!  (Calling will NOT help your chances--in fact, it can HURT because it indicates that you cannot follow directions!)


Please do not use the direct agency email. Use the CONTACT email.


We are not a "starter agency" and we do not offer classes or sell headshots.  There is a list of our recommended instructors and photographers on the Resources page.
If we are interested, we will contact you within two to three weeks. If you do not hear back, you are welcome to re-submit with new photos in 3 months. Again, if we do not contact you within two to three weeks, it means that we are not interested at this time. We do not "stack" our talent and if we already have kids who are similar, we cannot offer you representation.

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