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Steven Harrison Comes To Red Willow Talent!

Steven Harrison comes to Red Willow Talent at the peek of its growth. As the new "Administrative Assistant of Talent" he brings with him a wealth of knowledge that he has gained from his studies at SCAD in Savannah along with his on the job experiences. Steven moved to Savannah from Atlanta, Georgia and is a SCAD graduate with a degree in Performing Arts and Minor in Acting for Camera.

Red Willow Talent is proud to bring on board such a talent and is happy to have found someone with a similar background to work within the agency. Steven's skill includes marketing, sales, video taping, acting, communication skills and a wonderful eye for detail.

Great times are happening at Red Willow Talent and as the agency grows the need for talent behind the camera as well as in front are needed. Again, Welcome Steven Harrison to Red Willow Talent in Savannah, Georgia.

Sheila Cochran


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