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Red Willow Talent and Breakdown Services, Inc.

Red Willow Talent is a fast-growing Talent Agency located in Savannah, Georgia. Red Willow Talent is owned and operated by Sheila Cochran a former business executive who retired in 2013 to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Mrs. Cochran was inspired in 2017 to start Red Willow Talent and has worked hard to bring talent together in the local southeast.

Mrs. Cochran's dream of Red Willow Talent has become all that she could wish for in 2018. Red Willow Talent offers submissions for TV, Film, and Commercials nationally. Red Willow Talent Now brings Breakdown Services to its clients along with other casting sites to include Casting Networks and 800 Casting.

Breakdown Services provides a broad range of services and its breakdowns from Casting Directors is an added asset to Red Willow Talent. Talent will now have the opportunity to compete more in the southeast especially the Atlanta market. Also, the location of Red Willow Talent being in Savannah will open the door for Casting Directors to see another local agency signed with Breakdown Services when working projects in lower Georgia and South Carolina or the southeast in general.

Breakdown Services' is opening doors that were shut before and Mrs. Cochran is thankful for the opportunity Red Willow Talent has been given. It goes to show that hard work, training, and determination goes a long way.

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