Regina Curtin Shines And Shows A British Family How We Do Things In The Good Old USA

November 17, 2017



Regina Curtin who is a Savannah local landed the recurring role of "Dorothy" is the TV series "LIVING THE DREAM" She plays opposite Actors John Crosby and Kevin Nash along with a star filled cast. 


Regina is a star and has been with Red Willow Talent since the beginning and has grown as an actor and has proved it. Not only has she booked a recurring role but Regina continues to succeed in the industry as an actor. 


The TV show "Living the Dream" is only showing in the UK at this time but there is talk of a US release. To find out more about the TV show and its characters follow the link below.



Regina Curtin - Social Media       Regina Curtin IMDb     Regina Curtin FB page                       @regina_curtin 

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