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Congratulation To Joe Nowland of Red Willow Talent For His Short Film "The Last Drop"

Red Willow Talent congratulates Joe Nowland for creating his own content with his short film, “The Last Drop.” His talent of Writing, Producing, and staring in his short film along with other Red Willow Talent is phenomenal. There was a total of five Red Willow Talent Actors involved. Joe has the Lead role of John Logan; Tom Harris is the Voice-Over, and with his unique range of character voices led to him being cast in the supporting role as the Emergency Broadcaster.

Other Red Willow Talent who showed off their various talents were Lindsay Hibbard as Creative Director and the designer of the awesome poster for the film and Ray Dryer who claimed the position of 2nd AD. Red Willow Talent is credited with coordinating the talent for the short film.

The short film’s synopsis is about the character John Logan. He is a happily married man with two children but finds himself on a business trip to Washington, D.C. at the wrong time. While visiting D.C., disaster strikes, and through John’s journey to get back home, he is pushed with challenges he must overcome.

Be sure to check out the short film “The Last Drop” on IMDb and coming soon to a film festival near you.

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