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Red Willow Talent Names Lynn Lageman "Manager of Talent Development"

Lynn comes to Red Willow Talent bringing her various talents as Actor, Producer, and Director. Lynn has found herself loving it behind the camera and Red Willow Talent Noticed. Recently the group she inspired to come together (A.C.T.) won the best film award at the Savannah 48 Hour Film Festival along with several other awards.

There is another passion Lynn has, and that is working with young actors. Red Willow Talent has several projects coming up for kids. Lynn began putting the ideas together and making calls. Yes, she is an actor. However, her skills behind the camera are becoming more and more developed. Red Willow Talent is excited to have Lynn as a part of a growing organization and bringing her abilities into the mix along with others. She is a wonderful asset to have as part of what is going to be a wonderful experience.

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