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Red Willow Talent Shares Periscope Session With Actors

Red Willow Talent introduced ‘Periscope’ tonight for a fifteen minute chat about the different tools of social media and Red Willow Talent updates. To some of the group, who were sharing their colorful hearts, periscope was not new but to some, it opened the door to another form of social media sharing. To beginners, it is an app that needs a little practice, and the best way is to set up a chat and talk about a topic others would want to hear.

There will be future Periscope sessions for Red Willow Talent to help with the familiarity of the app and to get talent used to using another fantastic social media tool. Periscope is not limited to ‘Friend’ groups like Facebook Live; Periscope is open to all, and you can sit in and shared hearts with people in LA and NY who are doing late night scene study and they invite you into their session and let you watch. Great learning tool for an Actor.

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