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Savannah Filmmaker's Summer Social and Red Willow Talent was There

What a wonderful turnout for the Savannah Filmmaker's Summer Social. Represented were various talented people to include the “Savannah Filmmaker’s Board Members & Staff along with the “Savannah Area Film Office Staff and Crew. There were also location Scouts, Casting Directors, Producers, Filmmaker's students, Photographers, Actors, Background Talents, etc. you name it they were there. An outstanding night of networking for the film industry of Savannah. I enjoyed meeting and speaking with everyone and sorry I miss a few. There is another social planned for October, and I would suggest you keep an eye on the Facebook page of ‘Savannah Filmmakers Happenings.' Again, thanks for all who spoke with me about Red Willow Talent and for all who are now listed on the website and who spoke with me tonight. I look forward to hearing from you and getting you Promoted. Savannah is rocking it and now is the time to be noticed.

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