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Red Willow Talent Reveals Official Logo

Sheila Cochran of Red Willow Talent hired me to provide branding and logo expertise for her entrepreneurial endeavors as she is launching her Savannah, Georgia talent database, showcasing individuals who are hoping to be stars. Sheila and I are in collaboration with other creative ambitions to get her traction in social media and to make a visual statement in her industry.

Sheila is a Film and Television Actress, and Founder/Owner of Red Willow Talent. As an actress she found herself starring opposite Nick Swardson in “The Do Over”,starring opposite Philip Glenister in “Outcast”, and appearing opposite Steve Coulter in “The Birth of a Nation”, appear opposite Danny McBride, Walton Goggins, and Bill Murray in HBO’s “Vice Principals”,she has also starred in over 15 short films, 4 Independent films, and local commercials.

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