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"Sheila's real life experience is invaluable. She can provide a bridge between Georgia and South Carolina (or anywhere in the Southeast) and LA with her talent for networking with people. Sheila is a people person and loves helping others succeed, she is the real deal."Anonymous

Sheila Lynn Cochran is the Founder of Red Willow Talent. Sheila believes Red Willow Talent is the stepping stone for talent in Savannah and the surrounding southeast. As the Agent in charge of Red Willow Talent, she will do all she can to promote talent and consult talent to show those who look elsewhere, what the southeast has to offer. She encourages classes, workshops, any training industry related classes, along with the importance of professional headshots. As the founder of Red Willow Talent Sheila knows what the industry is looking for and believes to be a professional you must present yourself as one, not only in the business world but in the Film & Television Industry.

It has been a lifelong dream of Sheila to pursue a career in the talent industry and after she retired in 2013, she found encouragement and knowledge through the industry of Film and Television to live that dream. She is now using the knowledge she has gained, with over 30 years in Business to include Finance and Marketing to develop Red Willow Talent. Sheila has a B.S. in Business Administration-Finance from Liberty University and she also attended the University of South Carolina and the Governmental School of Accounting in Chicago Illinois.  Sheila is a former actor, and her past experiences have been privileged, with the opportunities of networking with Directors, Producers, and Writers. Sheila is now using all the knowledge over the years to make Red Willow Talent the best Talent Agency in the southeast.

Sheila Lynn Cochran - Agent 

Red Willow Talent LLC

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